Student Exchange Program
CUK offers a coeducational international program and welcomes students to study for one or two semesters as an exchange student at CUK. This program is open to undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled as full-time students at our partner institutions. During the program, students will have opportunities to experience Korean culture, and develop "global competence" through the multicultural environment that CUK offers.

Exchange students are those nominated by partner institutions which have formal exchange agreements with CUK. Therefore, before applying for the CUK Student Exchange Program, students are asked to contact the related office of their home institutions in advance. Students are required to follow the process mentioned below.
Application Procedures for Spring 2022
Nomination Period

1 September ~ 31 October 2021


Fill out the form here * It must be completed by a staff who in charge of student exchange program. 

* Nomination acceptance email will be sent from 1st September.

Application Period

1 ~ 14 November 2021


Students need to complete the online application

*The above link is available from 1 November 2021

Important Dates for Spring 2022
14 days Self-quarantine

Late-January 2022

Course Registration

- Course Basket(pre-course registration): January 2022

- Course Registration: January 2022

- 1st Course Change Period: February 2022

- 2nd Course Change Period: 2 March 2022


Mid-February 2022

Course Registration

Early February 2022

 Spring Semester Starts

2 March 2022

 Spring Semester Ends

Mid-June 2022

Dormitory Closes

Mid-June 2022

Official Transcript Issuance

 Mid-July 2022

Academic year
Spring semester begins in the early March
Fall semester  begins in the late August
Duration of classes
16 weeks per semester
Duration of exchange
One semester or two semesters (one full year)
Language of instruction
Exchange students can study either 100% in English, 100% in Korean or mixing classes in both languages if their level is good enough
Students will receive a letter grade ranging from A+ to F. The grade of “A” is given for excellent performance; “B” for above average; “C” for average; “D” for minimally passing performance; and “F” for failure. In addition, “+” and “0“ are used for further differentiation. A student’s performance with “+” indicates a superior performance in that letter grade, and “0“ indicates a slightly weaker performance in that letter grade. Other grades include “P” (pass) and “F” (fail). The grade will become a part of permanent record at CUK.
Credits earned at CUK can be transferred. Please consult with your study abroad advisor or academic advisor at your home institution for regulations concerning credit transfer. The official transcript will be sent to the home institution of an exchange student automatically. If you request more copies, you should pay for the transcript issuance fee and delivery fee.